Getting your computer ready set-up for Aptos

by: wintertoro

Stuff that I took ages to figure out when actually it is kind of duh. This is for all you non developers out there -cry-

Did you ever feel the pain of being too afraid to ask cause you know your question is stupid, and you are just wasting everyone else’s time when they are mad busy, and you are like omg I am a dumbo, but I really want to learn. Fear no more. This is the dummies guide version. I’m not gonna teach you how to optimize your set-up cause I have no idea how to do that, but I can get you “alive”, and honestly that’s good enough for people starting out. There’s a whole rabbit hole you can go down if you want to.

The official guide

Clone the Aptos-core repo

Start by cloning the aptos-core GitHub repo from GitHub.

0.1: Get a Github account

0.2 Authenticate your GH account with your local computer CLI. Just follow the instructions there.

gh auth login

0.3 Install Homebrew on your machine

Reccomended libraries to Brewinstall:

  • jq
  • python
  1. Clone the Aptos repo.

git clone [](

2. cd into aptos-core directory.

cd aptos-core

3. Run the scripts/ Bash script as shown below. This will prepare your developer environment.


4. Update your current shell environment.

source ~/.cargo/env